Has this ever happened to you?

I woke up one day and realized I was 50 (something).

Time is passing me by...

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I pulled the sheets back over my head and threw a slight tantrum.

I have yet to experience my peak potential in life!

Yes, I’ve been traditionally “successful”
Yet so internally unfulfilled.

Where did I miss the “aha” moment in life every Internet Guru claims to have miraculously discovered?

Why not me?

Surely, I was made for much, much, more…
but WHEN will it finally be revealed?!

Those words repeated themselves in my head until I realized the answer has always been there.

I’ve always had the keys to the secret door that contained the “hidden” treasures I so desired.

As a matter of fact, I have been using that very key to crack open the door all my life.

I just never allowed myself to fully immerse inside the treasure filled room.

My guess is that’s where you are too.

You have the answers, you just need themUnleashed.

You’ve been successful in traditional roles, maybe even excelled at them, but always felt you were meant for more.

You just haven’t been able to pinpoint what it is you’d be passionate about doing and confident enough to claim it as your expertise.

You’ve researched online and probably have purchased way too many “Fast Track To Millions” and “Easy Button” Programs.

Yes, I see you, because I did that too!

I became frustrated and didn’t trust Online Gurus.

I know I’m smart, but why wasn’t I figuring this online thing out!

It’s not that the Gurus are all bad (they’re not – I personally know a lot of them) but they don’t usually reveal the “whole” story.

Online Business Success

Can feel like a never-ending puzzle…
If you don’t have the right Mentor to guide you along the way!

Here’s The Big SECRET….

All the information to be successful is out there!

You just have to know how to put it together the right way…

And customize it to Your Zone Of Genius


I’m Your Short-Cut to Success…

Early 2020, I happened to stumble upon two of the top experts in the Online Space.

These two are different than most Online Gurus.

They have an impeccable reputation, not only in the online space, but Corporate America too.

They were just starting to create a new Mastermind of 500+ successful online entrepreneurs and I was asked to be a mentor to this
high-performance group.

That was a huge turning point for me as I was able to fast track my success exponentially! And now I have the secrets I’ve witnessed from 500+
successful online businesses.

Would you like me to share them with you?


are the reason I created this business.

You and I are the same person.

I’ve finally achieved a successful online business that allows me to stay

in my Zone Of Genius 

and I can help you do the same!


This is where I come in…

I can help!

My experience mentoring over 500 online entrepreneurs has allowed me to develop proven step by step methods and strategies that work. Although I’ve worked with experienced, 9-Figure entrepreneurs, my heart lights up the most when helping those just starting out and aspiring to 6-Figures, create a success story of their own.

I’m in the perfect position to help you maximize profits while helping you create a business that you are passionate about, so you never work a day in your life.

I’ve developed a simple system that will allow you to live in Your Zone of Genius for maximum profits and fulfillment!


Hi! I’m Lorena

Nice to meet you here!

I’m Your Online Business Mentor

I can help you Unleash Your Zone Of Genius so you build a business with maximum profits and fulfillment!

After going through my system and implementing the simple steps I reveal,

you will never work a day in your life.

Ready to Unleash Your Zone of Genius?